Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance to Fit Your Needs

For most people, their home is thier most valuable asset as well as place full of memories. Protect your home and your wallet by shopping around for an affordable homeowner’s policy.

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Homeowners Insurance

Insurance Navy understands that your home holds as much value in your heart as in your wallet. For that reason, we offer homeowners insurance that can protect your home and those who enter it. Fires, storms, and other natural accidents can damage your home, but a homeowner’s policy guarantees it won’t damage your finances. Likewise, if someone was injured on your property, your homeowner’s policy would cover their medical expenses. Per Texas law, all homeowner’s insurance policies must cover guest injuries on your property.

In addition to covering the outside of your home, the items inside your home are covered under a homeowners insurance policy. So, if the items in your home are damaged, stolen, or some other circumstance should occur that would take away your property.

Lastly, homeowners should know that their insurance policy covers their living expenses should something happen to their home that displaces them. This means that your hotel and meal costs for the duration of your displacement would be covered by your homeowners policy. As for the cost of damages to your home, your dwelling amount must match the rebuild price, not your loan amount.